Project X... proper LAD!

So after stuffing myself with pizza me and mates went on to see 'Project X' last night, and what a f**king film! It has 'LAD' written all over it; Huge house party, fit girls (most of the time naked in the swimming pool), booze and quality music ..what else could you ask for?!

It's definitely Superbad meeting The Hangover, and it is the latest film from Todd Phillips who knows how to bring the party vibes to the big screen, when three high-schoolers put on the mother of all house parties in which there lives will never be the same again.. There's never been a party quite like it! Things quickly pass the 'freakout stage' when the invites go viral and 50 guests hit the 1,500 mark and we see it all through the woozy lens of Dax's digicam, which doesn't miss a topless boob or a stunt that might land a £90,000 Mercedes in a swimming pool.

Project X Trailer No. 2 (HD) (From Director of The Hangover, Old School)

Because of the unreal success of The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, the 'found-footage genre' has become extremely popular, with this already being the third movie in that style in 2012 alone! It's a cheap alternative, so now studios are trying to extend it into other genres, and a teen comedy seems as good as any, so thinking about it, Project X, really is a sh*tfaced Paranormal Activity!

Go see it!

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